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Mother's journey


This piece tells the journey of a mother and her pregnancy, the line represents the journey of pregnancy, the highs and the lows, the different coloured dots represents the emotions that come with pregnancy, the white dots around the baby on the left represents the light surrounding the babies that are born sleeping, the baby on the right represents the ones that miscarriage, and the mother in the middle holding her belly represents the strength of a mother that carries her child. The lines around linking to symbols that look like flowers are the chain of women and how we support each other.

Journey to happiness


Here is a very special piece we've created,
The top right corner represents her struggle with mental health, the circle represents the different emotions, the lines are like a maze, lifes' journey has different paths almost like a maze hoping to take the right path, the lines represents the layers of a person.
The circles below connecting are the connections she had made throughout her journey, the white dots are her tracks of where she travels, the browns are the land and the blues are the seas, the rainbow is her finding herself and who she really is. The dots around the rainbow represent peace and joy, searching most of her life to find who she truly is, she can now have some peace in knowing and being confident with who she has become and the joy she has found.



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